Window seat……

I love to think about some of the small things, these are little things which  made us who we are.
Generally people who travel pretty much they love to have window seat. The reason behind it we don’t know. We do it because we like it. The window seat is one of the most lovable among all this kind of stuff.
Am I correct?
Well, even I always wanted to have window seat. Why? I don’t know. When I was child my papa was bus conductor and I had been always travelling with him. With the help of them I always can find a window seat. If someone already taken a seat my papa managed to get that. In short I have been always travelling at window seat. By the process of growing up I travel alone, the main disturbance of travelling alone as my concern that I don’t always have a window seat which had been a one type of boon of my papa. But now days with the help of online-booking service again I can manage my window seat.
From commencing of my memory I have been travelling most of the time by government bus. In government bus when driver parks a bus at platform that time people throw something from window seat on seat. It shows that that seat taken by him/her strange na? ha..ha…this is very old pattern in our region to book tickets at bus station at departure time. 😄
By the way we were talking about window seat…..
In government bus you can find diverse condition in every second bus. Some of window very clean, some of buff-polished some of are really need to overhaul and some of drastic damaged-broken glass you can breathe the fresh air from closed window, some of are continuous noisy during your journey. But it is the point about beauty you should feel it. In other words we like it, if it is in any form. It is a human nature, that if we like something by heart we would like to hold it, if it is in any condition.
Well, by one step more about window-seat that it is the best way to exposure of your journey, by looking from window-seat you can always bizarre feeling by observe different things. And if you are travelling outside your region say state you can always find plenty of speckle things everywhere of the view. Which are completely different from your habits your culture even your knowledge. While travelling in different places I observed that little change in apparel and ornaments which people wear in day to day life. Vegetables which they arranged in different manner, different type of languages which they use to attract the customer or we can say buyers. Different kind of shops, their name. Also there is different types of house structure, their roads, circle, street-lights and many more… I have observed that you can always find the new structure of auto-rickshaw everywhere. Different kind of decoration which they have applied on it. And also some of have different kinds of photographs, like actress, their goddess or their favourite actor or actress or both. There is also some lines like “shayri”, “quotes” or “dialogue of movie” on back side, or on mudguard. You can find same thing on truck also.
A window-seat is niche place to get friendship with kids. While travelling sometimes a child sat beside you and look towards window-seat curiously, sometimes their face expressions like he/she is carving to have it. Ha…ha… the same thing which I have felt in my childhood. Usually I give them a window-seat after sometime, and after giving them you can get face expressions from them which you can’t compare with anything, and it will be strong bond between you and them till destination, I have felt this kind of situation many time, A child had some chocolates and his sister wanted to one chocolate from him he denied to share her, but after sometime he offered a chocolate to me. Ha…ha… isn’t it so cute?
Sometimes it is too amazing feeling to staring towards cloudy sky, after some time your creative mind suggests you that, look this shape of cloud it is looking like this thing, and a scene which happens when sun behind clouds and it’s rays still coming beside clouds, it looks like a gargantuan crown of nature….
A window seat provides us an opportunity about deep thinking, an opportunity to think about you, free thoughts, with caress of air, listening music at Window-seat is one of the most vivacious experience. And also a feeling of loss yourself…….


Pic by One and only “silent capture master- Keval gohil”  @Dalhousie-trip



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