Vanity in my words……

Last time when I was sitting with my nephew, he was not ordinary child that I thought… I mean, when I sit beside him he always have some acts, naughtiness, and so many jokes… but last time when I was sitting there his voice was different, his area of talking was different.

When I was surfing on my laptop he suddenly asked me a question.

He asked me that, “why people obey different religion? When I was saying to my friend that lord Ganesh is my friend, he was staring at me that ‘who is it?’ Then he replied to me that, ‘in ours we have different kind of Gods.’ ”

I was totally vacuumed at that time. Though I knew somehow about human mentality but, how could I replied to him with that level.

After some seconds I replied to him that, “look you have too many friends, your mommy-daddy but, suddenly when you got something wrong and when you longed-for delicious food and new toys or you got wound, who will help you?”

He said, “My mommy…”

I replied, “Exactly, despite you having your friends your teachers and your daddy but why you trust your mommy? Because she is always with you in any condition and you can trust her… religion is like mothers of all mothers… particular groups prefer to go with one kind of mother or say parents… your friend have different parents and you are having different parents like Ganesh and powerful Hanuman…” with my balloon face.

He asked me another one that, “Is it indeed necessary to have different religion?”

I was totally on back foot… damn… in spite it was my responsibility to show him correct way to believe.

I replied, “look we are humans a small part of whole earth, here too many animals, Too many birds etc. The earth is running with the help all the lives including you and me. Here, if we have to survive, we have to help each other. Like your friend tirth not having bicycle and when you see him you always offer him to pillion ride, that stage you are helping him. Main agenda of all lives is growth…. like, if I couldn’t cleared a level of a game at that time you helped me to increase my points. And main thing is to keep peace in entire world. Apart from religion these things are important”

I didn’t know that my points was right or he could managed to absorb all of these. But at least I found that blushing smile on his face at a time.

Afterwards I turned off my lappy and took remote control of TV, I sat news channels and I was watching some breaking news… it was attacked by terrorists in Brussels airport, many people were killed there. By turning my face I found that my nephew was staring towards me that I taught him wrong minutes ago. And then suddenly he asked me that surpass question that, “why they did it like this?”

It wouldn’t be exaggeration if I tell you that, at a time I was feeling vanity towards me…



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