They won’t understand…..

That vivacious fragrance from new leather and entire body of bike at the first day, they won’t understand.


That first feeling of acceleration, when gorgeous told me “yes my hero take me away”, they won’t understand.


That fully accelerated engine’s voice which argues with me that “You think, you are powerful?” they won’t understand.


That trust under downpour when visibility almost becomes zero and still beating tremendous amount of water, they won’t understand.


That feeling number of horses combine power between my legs and still so calm and controlled, they won’t understand.


That shrill voice from gorgeous during ride on harsh roads when she utters that “keep your balance and trust me!!” they won’t understand.


That mesmerizing voice of her emitting gas which is identification of life inside the engine, they won’t understand.


Those eternal memories of long drives with beloved which are priceless moments only sharing with her, they won’t understand.

That feeling of unbreakable joint of hands on my stomach and face on my shoulder, they won’t understand.


Those some unwanted advices from people that “It is just a bike, nothing else…” I told her that, don’t worry they won’t understand.


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