Sunday morning time, I was running by facing towards dawn,

There were firing of rays on my face.

By observing animals which are known as humans,

And their astonishing faces.

My leaps had taken their final touch in running,

Like a starved tiger jumped over meadow.

There were many known social animals also there,

By face and our routine

You don’t always need full introductions for passing smiles.

I was running by burning internal strength and,

Joy of passing linked smiles.

Suddenly there was a feminine social animal,

Which I know by every single artery.

By staring face each other it was confirmed,

We were not like other social animals around us.

You were staring at me like that fascinating way,

That I would like to feel right now.

Then you passed beside me like unknown person,

Without liked smile, “well-acted”

You hadn’t idea at that time and you still don’t have any idea

About that captive emotions.

And Then after, Left me with Trudge………………


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