Little words about me


Hello amigos, thanks for visiting my skyline.

I am Akash.

A boy who is not pretty much expressive or introvert personality. But we can say a mixture of both.

My home in the western region of India. At Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

I am pursuing my Under graduation in Mechanical Engineering in VGEC Ahmedabad.

Talking from incepting, I had created my school memories at Bhavnagar. Those days I was unattractive (still now) and not much talkative person. I had studied there up to 10th standard. Then after I had taken my admission to pursue Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The reason behind it because I have been loving a work of overhauling and know pretty much about machine so I thought about diploma apart from 11th and 12th. After I have taken my BE receipt in VGEC as I have mentioned above.

Apart from study, I have been interested in seeking new horizon in diverse field. A person who likes to know anything which is new.

A typical Engineer, a patient of Alexithymia, a bike lover, sometimes perhaps he uttering with the bike… Believes that there is always DAWN somewhere, Also likes to spark with the camera, and craves window-seat while traveling.

Well, I like to read books but I am not a bookworm. A monk who likes to drive a bike, little bit travel, loves the ocean, likes to test street food and likes to keenly observe things and on the top level loves to Curiously watch Stars alone under the texture of night-sky.

with respect to evolution theory, we all came from one origin cell. and I have marked everywhere that there are always some similarities in human(well I like to say animal), by nature, by speaking, by behave and many more…

In this skyline, I have shared some of my ideas my experiences and my own thoughts- opinions. Things that I felt somewhere but I couldn’t find to share, that’s why I have written here.

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Thank-you, keep visiting


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